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Are you bothered by excess neck skin, visible muscle bands, or excess fat deposits, all of which are common signs of aging or weight loss?

Origins Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, offers expert Neck Lift procedures to help you achieve a smoother, more toned, and youthful appearance. Led by skilled surgeon Rohan Joshi, MD, and regenerative medicine specialist Elizabeth Abels, MD, our clinic provides tailored solutions to address your unique concerns and enhance your neck profile.

Sagging to Stunning

What is a Neck Lift?

A Neck Lift, also known as a lower facelift, is a surgical procedure designed to address the effects of aging on the neck and lower face.

Over time, loose and wrinkled skin, visible muscle bands, and accumulated fat can contribute to an aged appearance. The Neck Lift procedure involves the removal of excess fat, tightening the neck muscles, and eliminating surplus skin to redefine the jawline and neck contour. This results in a more aesthetically pleasing and rejuvenated appearance.

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What are the benefits of Neck Lift?

Undergoing a Neck Lift in Houston can offer numerous benefits.

This procedure can effectively remove 10 to 15 years of aging effects, addressing sagging jowls, loose skin, and neck banding. Patients can enjoy a significantly improved overall profile by refining the jawline and creating a harmonious angle between the jaw and neck. The procedure is ideal for individuals in good health who are concerned about the appearance of their neck and lower face.

Contours of Confidence

Your Neck Lift Consultation

Your journey to a rejuvenated neck begins with a personalized consultation at Origins Plastic Surgery. Dr. Joshi, Dr. Abels, and the rest of your team will carefully assess your unique concerns and aesthetic goals. During this comprehensive consultation, we will discuss Neck Lift options and answer any questions. This collaborative approach ensures that your expectations align with the achievable outcomes of the surgery.

Harmony in Restoration

Your Neck Lift Procedure

The Neck Lift procedure at Origins Plastic Surgery is a meticulous process performed by our skilled surgeon. Depending on your specific goals, various Neck Lift options are available, including the traditional Neck Lift, Face and Neck Lift combination, Direct Neck Lift, and Neck Liposuction. Each procedure is tailored to address your unique concerns, providing a customized solution for optimal results. The surgery typically takes two to three hours and can be performed under general or local anesthesia, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

A Bolder, Sleeker Look

Neck Lift Results

The results of a Neck Lift performed at Origins Plastic Surgery are transformative. Patients can expect a smoother, more defined neck contour, improved jawline appearance, and the elimination of sagging skin and neck bands. The outcome is a rejuvenated, youthful profile that can significantly enhance overall facial aesthetics. Dr. Joshi and Dr. Abels combine expertise with an artistic approach to ensure natural-looking and harmonious results that align with your individual features.

Natural-Looking Results

Neck Lift Recovery and Aftercare

After your Neck Lift procedure, you can anticipate some swelling and bruising, which typically subsides within several days.

The typical recovery time is 7 to 14 days, with a gradual return to normal activities. While more strenuous activities are to be avoided for three to four weeks, most patients find the recovery process manageable and are thrilled with the results. The skilled team at Origins Plastic Surgery will provide detailed aftercare instructions to support your healing process.

Ideal Age for Neck Lift

Best Age for a Neck Lift: Young and Old

A Neck Lift at Origins in Houston is a versatile procedure suitable for both younger and older patients, albeit for different reasons.

Younger Candidates

For younger patients struggling with persistent neck fat since birth or despite weight loss, a Neck Lift offers a transformative solution. It effectively targets stubborn under-chin fat, providing a sleeker, more defined neck contour.

Older Candidates

As we age, we may develop excess skin, neck fat, and platysmal banding, contributing to an aged appearance. Older patients with these features can also benefit significantly from a Neck Lift. This procedure helps eliminate sagging skin and neck bands, resulting in a rejuvenated and more youthful profile. Whether you're a younger individual bothered by stubborn neck fat or an older patient dealing with the effects of aging, our expert surgeon at Origins Plastic Surgery can tailor a Neck Lift to meet your unique needs and aesthetic goals.

Neck LiftFrequently Asked Questions

Ideal candidates for a Neck Lift are individuals in good health with concerns about sagging neck skin, visible muscle bands, and excess fat deposits. During a consultation at Origins Plastic Surgery in Houston, our expert surgeons will assess your concerns and determine if a Neck Lift is the right solution.

While a Neck Lift can offer transformative results, the aging process continues. On average, the results can last ten years, providing a significantly more youthful appearance. Factors such as lifestyle, sun exposure, and genetics can influence the longevity of the results. Regular consultations with our skilled surgeons at Origins Plastic Surgery can help assess and address any potential changes over time.

Most patients experience some swelling and bruising after a Neck Lift, which may last up to ten days. Patients are advised to keep their head elevated for the first 48 hours following surgery to minimize swelling. Compressive dressings and cold compresses are used to limit swelling and promote healing. While more strenuous activities should be avoided for about four to six weeks, the recovery process is typically manageable, and any discomfort can be alleviated with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication. The skilled team at Origins Plastic Surgery provides detailed aftercare instructions to support a smooth and comfortable recovery.

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