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Your At-Home Beauty Retreat with Origins Plastic Surgery

Revel in the ultimate convenience and pleasure of non-surgical beauty solutions with Origins Plastic Surgery’s exclusive home visit treatments.

Whether you seek the age-defying effects of Botox or the holistic wellness of IV therapy, our expert surgeons bring personalized care directly to your Houston home or office. This premium service is meticulously designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, providing the enjoyment and results of professional treatments in your preferred setting.

Celebrate and Rejuvenate with Botox Parties & IV Therapy

The Convenience of At-Home Beauty Treatments

Transform your home or office into a sanctuary of beauty and wellness with our mobile treatments.

Botox parties are a unique way to gather friends, family, or coworkers for a shared aesthetic experience, offering the benefits of Botox alongside the rejuvenating properties of customized IV therapy. With treatments that require minimal time and no recovery, our services are perfect for groups looking to indulge in a shared health and beauty experience with the convenience of staying in.

Botox and IV therapy to your home or work in Houston, TX. Contact us to discuss your home visit, Botox party, or recovery treatment. Houston

Elevated Convenience for an Active Lifestyle

The Perks of Home Visit Beauty Treatments

Embrace the ease of mobile Botox and IV therapy with treatments that adapt to your rhythm. The versatility of our home visit services in Houston caters to an array of needs:

  • Social Botox gatherings
  • Post-surgery IV rejuvenation
  • Workplace beauty enhancements
  • Immune-supportive IV infusions
  • IV wellness boosts for athletes
  • Therapeutic IV solutions for chronic ailments
  • Revitalizing IV treatments for travelers and revelers

A Consultation Tailored to You and Yours Personalized to Your Needs

Planning Your At-Home Beauty Session

Initiate your home visit journey by reaching out to discuss the specifics of your needs, whether for individual attention or a group event. We ensure a seamless and delightful treatment experience with comprehensive planning tailored to your group’s requirements.

Seamless Procedures, Exceptional Care

The Process of Your At-Home Treatment

Your at-home beauty treatment, whether Botox or IV therapy, is performed with precision and care. Botox sessions are swift, with our specialists employing their intimate knowledge of facial anatomy for targeted enhancements. IV therapy is a restorative pause in your day, a time to relax while receiving a custom infusion designed for your wellness goals.

Visible Enhancement, Lasting Beauty

Anticipating Your Treatment Outcomes

Post-treatment, the transformative effects will gradually reveal themselves, allowing you to enjoy your enhanced beauty or well-being within days, sustained with routine follow-ups as desired.

Effortless Recovery, Immediate Return to Routine

Post-Treatment Care at Home

Recovery is minimal, with any transient effects from IV therapy quickly dissipating. Some patients notice slight dizziness or other sensations immediately after IV therapy, but this mild side effect is completely normal and will subside within an hour or two.

Many people feel the hydrating and energizing effects of the treatment right away or very soon after their appointment, while others may notice more gradual improvements. Post-Botox, simply avoid strenuous activities for a short period to ensure the best results. Avoid lying down for four hours after your treatment and should wait at least 24 hours to engage in strenuous exercise. Our team provides all the guidance needed to make your aftercare worry-free.

Botox Parties and IV Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

The details of your procedure will depend on the details of your treatment. Botox injections take about 15 minutes to administer, requiring no numbing or significant preparation. Your doctor will apply an ice pack to the treatment area before administering a series of injections into targeted muscles. They may ask you to frown, squint, or make other expressions to gain a precise understanding of your muscular anatomy. Once the injection process is complete, you will be able to return to your day as usual.

By bypassing the digestive system, IV therapy ensures no nutritional value is lost during the digestion process. IV therapy also allows for more precise dosing and faster results.

The number of treatments your doctor can perform during your home visit will depend on the duration of your appointment and general needs. During the planning phase of your home visit, we will help you devise the best plan for you and your guests.

Get a beauty boost delivered to your doorstep. Ask us about our at-home Botox and IV Drip therapy sessions — perfect for parties and get-together glow-ups!

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