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Houston’s Premier Home Visit Beauty Treatment by Origins Plastic Surgery

Non-surgical beauty treatments like Botox injections and IV drip therapy continue to make our ideal aesthetic ever more attainable with increasing convenience and little to no downtime.

At Origins Plastic Surgery, we take convenience and treatment enjoyability to the next level with home visit Botox and IV therapy treatments. Our patient-focused plastic surgeons are available for personalized treatments delivered at your home or office. This concierge care option allows you to make the most of your favorite beauty treatments and optimally shape your therapy to your life and circumstances.

Concierge Botox Parties & IV Therapy

Discover the Convenience of At-Home Beauty Treatments

At-home or in-office beauty treatments allow us to directly bring your beauty or wellness treatment. Botox is an injectable cosmetic treatment used to prevent or reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles throughout the face by temporarily inhibiting muscle contractions where administered.

IV therapy delivers custom-formulated vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream for enhanced wellness. IV therapy can be used for cosmetic purposes, recovery and comfort support before or after an invasive procedure, supplemental nutrition, or to alleviate various conditions and symptoms. Each treatment takes just minutes and involves no downtime, making them ideal for mobile care. While some patients may choose to undergo treatment at their home or office simply for convenience or comfort, others may take advantage of this service to include friends, family, or coworkers.

At-Home Botox and IV Drip Therapy  Houston

A Hassle-Free Concierge Experience

The Advantages of Home Visit Beauty Treatments

Offering mobile Botox and IV therapy, we maximize treatment convenience to support your busy schedule, active lifestyle, and healthiest recovery. While home visits can be beneficial for virtually any reason, here are some of the best ways to utilize this service in Houston:

  • Botox parties
  • Botox at work or home
  • IV therapy for rejuvenation
  • IV therapy following surgery
  • IV therapy for muscle recovery
  • IV therapy for chronic conditions
  • IV therapy for jet lag or hangover relief
  • IV therapy for immune system support

Personalized Consultations at Your Convenience

Planning Your Home Visit with Origins Plastic Surgery

If you are considering home visit treatment, contact us to discuss details, including location, availability, and candidacy for Botox or IV drip therapy.

If your home visit includes services for you and others, we will provide all the information you need to ensure a smooth and enjoyable treatment experience for you and your party.

Effortless and Comfortable Procedures

What to Expect During Your Home Visit

The details of your procedure will depend on the details of your treatment. Botox injections take about 15 minutes, requiring no numbing or significant preparation. Your doctor will apply an ice pack to the treatment area before injecting the targeted muscles. They may ask you to frown, squint, or make other expressions to understand your muscular anatomy better. Once the injection process is complete, you can return to your day as usual.

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For IV therapy, your doctor will ask you what potential benefits you seek to determine which combination of vitamins and minerals will offer you the best experience and overall wellness. Once ready, you will recline comfortably while your doctor places a thin cannula in your arm. They will begin the IV drip process, slowly administering your IV treatment via the cannula. Throughout 30 to 45 minutes, you will be free to relax, chat, scroll, read, or rest while your custom-formulated IV solution nourishes your body.

What to Expect

Botox and IV Therapy Home Visit Treatment Results

You will notice the full effects of your IV drip treatment within a few days. Botox can take 3-5 days and up to two weeks to see full effect. You can maintain your results with regular or as-needed follow-up treatments.

Let Your Results Unfold

Home Visit Recovery and Aftercare

There is little to no recovery following your treatment. Some patients notice slight dizziness or other sensations immediately after IV therapy, but this mild side effect is completely normal and will subside within an hour or two.

Many people feel the hydrating and energizing effects of the treatment right away or very soon after their appointment, while others may notice more gradual improvements. Following Botox, you should wait at least 24 hours to engage in strenuous exercise and avoid rubbing the injection areas excessively.

At-Home Botox and IV Drip TherapyFrequently Asked Questions

By bypassing the digestive system, IV therapy ensures no nutritional value is lost during digestion. IV therapy also allows for more precise dosing and faster results.

The number of treatments your doctor can perform during your home visit will depend on the duration of your appointment and general needs. During the planning phase of your home visit, we will help you devise the best plan for you and your guests.

Get a beauty boost delivered to your doorstep. Ask us about our at-home Botox and IV Drip therapy sessions — perfect for parties and get-together glow-ups!

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